Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Marilyn's Voice Adoptable Pets Shoot

So, the following post is a little out of the norm for what is usually posted on here. While it isn't EXACTLY someone's big happy day, it could definitely lead to a big happy day for a furry little someone (and maybe you too!).

We recently partnered up with Marilyn's Voice to photograph some of their adorable little rescues that are currently up for adoption. Each photo below is a sample from a shoot of a different dog (and one cat) that is looking for a loving home. Keep scrolling; maybe you'll fall in love:

Lastly, here is the spokespup for Marilyn's Voice/queen of the castle, Betty, working the camera:

You can visit http://marilynsvoice.org/ to find out more on the animals that are currently up for adoption.

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